Platform Development

Building the foundations of online services for developers

With your own software platform, you get an extensive development and deployment environment where engineers can build cloud-based apps and customize ready-made solutions. Powerful and accessible by design, software development platforms offer the resources to create, collaborate, and deliver solutions, services, and tools. You can build a platform for a wide audience from enterprises to independent developers. Our mission is to help you engineer and launch your own development platform.

smart portal was created thinking about people like you, businesses like yours. Our mission is to improve the overall experience users have when using websites and apps, increasing conversion, brand trust and loyalty, while reducing time and money wasted on rework later on development.

Our Platform development

Our mobile app development services

At Smart portal, we pull together experts across domains to deliver end-to-end mobile app development solutions for your products. We follow all stages of custom mobile app development companies – analyzing your market needs, assembling your team of developers, designers, and testers, and even publishing your application to app stores or your corporate network.

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  • Cloud security without the need for private key

    With strong technical foundations, Smart portal's framework is unique. Get a Software that automatically adjusts to fit your brand and style guidelines.

  • Security

  • Multi Language

  • Integrate Mobile and Web

  • Multi Program

  • All you need

    We can cover both your frontend and backend needs at each stage of custom mobile application development services. We help you make an informed decision when choosing between a native or hybrid mobile app development service, and we follow UX/UI best practices to make sure your mobile app software performs well regardless of platform or device.

  • Web app

    Take your business on the go by extending your web presence with a custom mobile app development services

  • Payment integration

    ArcanCloud's OpenSesame is a solution for remote key offloading adaptable with Shaparak requirements and Iran Banking network

  • Proof of concept

    Validate mobile app prototype with UX/UI design and technical specs to reduce market risk

  • Maintenance and support

    Get technical support for existing mobile solution, including updates and bug fixes